A stitch in time…

There’s no doubting the courage and tenacity of the local townfolk of Machynlleth, Wales,  who have campaigned tirelessly with literally ‘time against them.’

The old clock tower of Machynlleth has taken on iconic status for the town because of it’s key location and also because of it’s beautiful Gothic style.  But its future was in jeopardy because of the dilapidation of the clock and the general poor condition of the tower.

Grosvenor Construction were proud to win the contract for the conservation, cleaning and consolidation of the tower and the restoration of the clock.

What was fascinating for the Conservation specialists at Grosvenor was seeing the building slowly come back to life as it was gently cleaned with the chemical free DOFF cleaning system.

Amongst the other extensive skills used: the final gilding of the clock and weather vane brought the tower back to life and provided that extra level of satisfaction for the committed team at Grosvenor.