Cleanliness is next to Godliness…

Our recent restoration work over at Machynlleth also involved a very careful cleaning of the historic surfaces.

Cleaning any historic surface requires careful thought. Some cleaning processes used can actually harm the building and accelerate erosion.

Cleaning of some terracotta façades in the 1980’s has actually resulted in some buildings being demolished.

This is why Grosvenor Construction provides an extensive consultancy service when it comes to improving the look of our historic environment. The actual cleaning process is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Our professionals carry out Conservation studies, site surveys and impact assessments to find out the best result for cleaning your building – and even on occasion we are not afraid to say that ‘doing nothing’ is the best solution.

Over at Machynlleth the best solution was to provide a DOFF system which allowed for a chemical free cleaning of the surfaces. This was the best result for all parties – and the Angel felt a lot better too!

Below is a video of the various stages of cleaning of the Angel at Machynlleth