Conservation and Sustainability

Grosvenor Construction has an Environmental Management System which monitors our impact upon the environment and enables the improvement of such an impact. Such a system when tied in with our conservation based approach adds a real dynamic to the protection and conservation of our environment.

Conserving and protecting a building doesn’t just enable its survival for cultural purposes, it also encapsulates the existing energy contained within a building. Grosvenor Construction has been involved with multiple projects which have ensured the survival of, and re-use of historic properties for the benefit of our communities and our environment. Demolition of such buildings would mean additional waste of existing materials and ultimately the necessity for construction of a new property and the resources that this would entail. If you use demolition service from, they can also recycle everything after the demolition is done. The key conservation principle of ‘minimum intervention’ ensures that minimum energy in terms of skills, materials and processes is expounded on a project leaving much of the existing building fabric to provide a use for future generations.

It is a common misconception that older buildings lack energy efficiency. Many traditional buildings outperform their modern counterparts when it comes to impact upon the environment. Thick walls, terraced construction, and smaller windows often contribute to the need for less energy. For those buildings that need upgrading – sound guidance and use of complementary solutions can bring them back to life with the minimum impact on the environment.

Many traditional practices (which have been honed and passed on over the centuries) are now being realised to have lasting benefits for the environment. The use of lime mortar, for example, absorbs CO2 when curing.

Additionally, our experience in preparing and expediting planned maintenance programmes often prevents damage to a building along with reducing the environmental impact of costly repairs.

Grosvenor Construction’s approach to such preservation always bears sustainability in mind and uses conservation techniques that eliminate or reduce our carbon footprint