Forces greater than Cromwell

When it comes to tackling a conservation project, Grosvenor Construction is always ready for a challenge, but an initial survey revealed more than the usual forces of erosion at work on a historic hall in Staffordshire.

Biddulph Old  Hall had evolved over time from an open timber framed structure into a formidable building built of heavy stone in the Jacobean style.  During the English Civil War the Hall was besieged by the Roundheads, and Cromwell is said to have brought in his biggest gun: ‘Roaring Meg’ to play a part in subduing the internee’s.

The evidence can be seen in the ruinous facade where a cannon ball has hit home with a mighty thump (above).

Back to the 21st Century – it was found that the forces of erosion and gravity were a far greater threat to the surviving tower and Grosvenor were employed to carry out the following specialist services:

  • Install temporary steel ring beams thus holding the tower together
  • Pin the existing masonry together with cintec anchors
  • Gravity grout voids with a lime based grout
  • Rebuild all missing/defective masonry
  • Point tower complete
  • New code 8 lead roof
  • New lead light windows

Recent removal of the scaffolding has revealed for the first time in a long time, the magnificence of the octagonal, domed tower of this Grade II* listed delight; with it’s freshly gilded weather vane glinting in the sunlight.

You can find out more about the project here