Heritage Skills

Grosvenor Construction believes that the most important factor in any business is its people. Along with this comes a recognition that there are many hundred’s of years experience in traditional building skills retained within the Company as a whole.

Our services and knowledge attest to the general principles of building conservation and include:

non-destructive investigation and assessment,

  • understanding of damp in historic buildings,
  • timber decay and its conservation,
  • the principles of stone cleaning.
  • Assistance with Quinquennial Inspections

    The following skills complement this approach:

    • Use of traditional lime mortars,
    • wood and stone carving,
    • material, cleaning, consolidation and sympathetic replacement,
    • traditional plastering techniques,
    • traditional roofing techniques
    • use of hydroscopic building materials

      We don’t, however ‘rest upon our laurels’. Grosvenor Construction recognises that such valuable skills need to be nurtured and passed on. This is exemplified by our commitment to encouraging a framework for continuous development of our staff through a systematic appraisal and training programme, which includes the recently pioneered CSCS Heritage Skills Card.

      Our programme not only ensures the development of our staff, but also the reduction of logistical nightmares through lack of resources, thus ensuring that we have a professional team covering the full spectrum of conservation based skills and services at all times.