Saint Dwynwen’s Church and the Patron Saint of Lovers

Saint Dwynwen’s Church, on Anglesey is a scheduled ancient monument.

Perhaps more interestingly and topically – Saint Dwynwen is the patron Saint of Lovers.

Who were the two furtive shadows holding hands amidst the romantic ruins on the occasion of Grosvenors site visit recently?

Perhap’s some ghosts of the past, or two royal lovers learning their lines for the big day?

Probably not, but it would be nice to think so.

Even so, such a remarkable and symbolic survival as the church at Saint Dwynwen’s might draw the wedded royals out to visit it’s sacred remains.

The church and the nearby well have attracted such love filled pilgrimages for centuries.

Grosvenor have been contracted (in collaboration with Mentor Mon, CADW and the Countryside Council for Wales) to make sure that happy couples of all persuasion, under the eye of the patron Saint of Lovers, can gain solace for centuries to come.

They are soon to start work on consolidating and re-stabilising the main structure under the careful supervision of an archaeologist.

And if a certain couple should visit?

We’ll let you know!!