Grosvenor helps conserve Morgan’s Mount

Morgan’s Mount is a tower structure which is a part of Chester City Wall (designated a World Heritage Site).

It was built in 1645 as an observational platform during the English Civil War and named after the Royalist that built it – Captain Edward Morgan.

Chester city walls are visited by over 205 million people annually and subsequently they undergo a lot of wear and tear.

Image courtesy of Chester City Council

Erosion of the sandstone is also a problem.

Grosvenor’s work will include removing and re-building sections of the wall, as well as conserving existing parts.

We will be working in partnership with archaeologists who will be regularly on site to inspect revealed areas.

It’s a real honour to be part of such a rich tapestry of history which dates back to Roman times.

Grosvenor’s expertise in masonry conservation and experience in heritage projects will ensure that the walls are enjoyed for millennia to come.

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