To infinity and beyond!


One of Grosvenor’s current projects is  reminiscent of  a scene from a  Star Trek movie and indeed its location has been used as a film set on many occasions.

The Mona and Parys copper mines were located on Parys Mountain about two miles south of Amlwch in Anglesey. The original name of the area was Mynydd Trysglwyn which is thought to mean a hillside covered in a thick grove of rough trees covered with scaly lichen growth.


These mines have been worked since the Bronze age, 3500 year’s ago.

During the 18 and 19 th century they were the largest copper mine in the world.

The underground workings were last mined in the early part of the 20th century.

There is evidence that some areas of Parys mountain had been subjected to the fire setting techniques of Bronze age man in an effort to gain copper for making crude tools.

It is thought that the Romans had mined some areas of Parys mountain for lead and copper

When the Romans left Britain copper mining went into the dark ages

Grosvenor are bringing back to life the water pumping mill situated on the peak of the mountain.

The Water Pumping Windmill at Parys Mountain on Anglesey, it is situated in a bleak and elevated position in a landscape that looks almost surreal as the bare , heavily mined area gives the impression of another planet, the colours are so unusual to see in a natural environment.

Grosvenor Construction is working with Hagstrom Drilling to take down and re build the top 1200mm of masonry, stitching cracks with CINTEC anchors and constructing a shelter for walkers

The work includes:

  • Archaeologist to take permanent drawings / records of the historic fabric of the mill and all existing features & fixtures.
  • Carefully remove any of the loose or defective existing mortar, this is then to be re-milled and added into the new lime mortar used for the consolidation and re-pointing.
  • The unstable masonry to the top of the will is to be recorded the stones numbered and carefully take down. The top of the mill is then to be rebuild in a lime mortar again with the existing mortar added to the lime mix.
  • Any parts of the existing structure that has collapsed will be carefully consolidated with existing masonry collected from the base of the mill.
  • The inside of the mill is to excavated to allow for the construction of new oak and stainless steel staircase and shelter.
  • Some of then oak timbers to be used are over 7m long 350mm x 350mm wide