Time Ticking by at Heulfre

Our craftsmen at Grosvenor have again been taken into a different era at Haulfre in North Wales, for within the small museum is a fascinating range of horse-drawn transport and equestrian trappings from the Victorian period.

The grand Victorian House is now a nursing home, the stables are a small museum and the other farm buildings and gardens are a day school.

Haulfre was the country house of the Chadwick family. The Chadwicks made their money in the industrial districts of northern England, but moved to North Wales to enjoy a country house lifestyle..

Grosvenor are restoring the beautiful clock tower amidst the range of stables, carriage houses and grooms accommodation – all beautifully preserved.

The equipment on display dates from an earlier age when horses were vital for transport, for agriculture and for haulage of heavy goods.

The clock tower is pitch pine which is in a poor state of repair and the leadwork needs specialist attention.  The clock mechanism has been carefully removed from site and is being restored to its former glory by specialist contractors.

A unique setting for our operatives and staff;  but ‘horses for courses’ when it comes to the loving conservation required to bring the clock tower back to life.