Moel Famau – Layers of history (updated)

**see below for some of the latest pics**

Moel Famau is an ancient place – designated an area of outstanding natural beauty it takes it’s name from a common Welsh descriptive term ‘moel’ – which means bare hill.

No longer a bare hill – it is crossed by the northern section of the ancient Offa’s Dyke and crowned with an Egyptian obelisk – Jubilee Tower.

The Tower has had a difficult past – built by Thomas Harrison of Chester to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of George III in 1810 – it was never completed and during a storm in 1862 the part built tower collapsed.

Grosvenor are proud to have been involved with the towers renaissance, and stemming from its 200 year anniversary in 2010 – the tower has been recognised as a significant part of the local landscape and heritage.

Now, Grosvenor are consolidating and re-building sections of the tower using traditional techniques – so that a new generation of people can experience the majesty of the tower and magnificence of the views.

Update July 2013

The staircase continues to grow using the existing stone which was reclaimed from the ground.

The bastion is almost complete and the remaining stones are being sorted for finishing off the stairs.

The jambs of an original window were found by our chaps and have been re-incorporated into the wall.