Continuity at Prestbury

We are proud to be part of over 1000 years of continuity at St. Peter’s Prestbury.

For during that time-span there have been possibly four churches on the site with varying needs and requirements.

The third church is still there next to St. Peter’s – a gorgeous two cell Romanesque building with a marvellous doorway.

Grosvenor have been involved with enhancing access around the church grounds and also with a new scheme on the inside of St. Peter’s.

Some things must change with need, and we’re augmenting the building with new facilities which are still a work in progress.

Other things change but are more subtle – like the widening of the aisle floor which involved careful re-instatement of the existing pews.

All in all – Grosvenor are proud to be part of the greatest tradition of all – that of change – whilst drawing from the roots of the past.