Combermere Abbey Restoration – part 2 – or ‘It’s a wood thing’

Combermere abbey’s history dates back to the early C12th. It evolved into a hall after the dissolution of the monasteries in the C16th.

The North Wing is undergoing a renaissance which involves the conservation and restoration of it’s timber structure.

What is remarkable is the onion like layers of history – not just in terms of evolution of timber framing technology but also in terms of the stylistic details used over time.

Walking around the site  your are constantly availed by a glimpse of detail beyond a scaffold pole, or a view through a quatrefoil that reveals another detail from a later age.

It’s a fascinating visual feast of history.

For more fascinating information (including an early map of the site that has just been found) about Combermere and also updates about the hall see the Combermere Restoration website.

We commissioned architectural photographer Andy Marshall to capture some of these glimpses into history so that we could share them with you: