A new start for Sandiway’s historic Round Tower

Built by Thomas Cholmondeley (Baron of Delamere} in the early C19th, the Round Tower which was encircled by the A556 has become a symbol of survival in our modern world.

When it was demolished by a car incident, there developed a powerful campaign to restore the Round Tower to its former beauty.

We’re honoured to be involved with the painstaking process which involves the building being built in stages at their local yard and then transported to site and re-built for one final time.

Because of impact damage, it was decided that each existing stone would be re-faced, thus giving the Round Tower the appearance it would have had when first built in the early C19th

Grosvenor’s craftsmen have been working on the details with great care, and a lot of pre-planning has been necessary to ensure that the final build is complete.

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