Waking up to Winstanley Hall

There’s no two ways about it: Winstanley Hall is in need of urgent repairs and your help.

You can find more about the threat and the attempts by SAVE Britain’s Heritage  to save Winstanley Hall here

The Hall is late C16th and a rare Tudor survival in the North of England. It has a remarkable layered history.

Grosvenor have been involved in the very early stages of mothballing some of the curtilage at Winstanley Hall.

Such buildings include the surrounding courtyard, stables and utility – which are built in such quality and style that they are far removed from the mundane.

Mothballing includes – making safe, temporary waterproofing and covering of significant areas of the buildings and landscape so that they don’t deteriorate any further.

This gives the buildings the best chance of future use.