Early Georgian Serenity at Croxteth Hall


Croxteth Hall, Liverpool is a delight.

Syncopated serenity along the principal facade of 1702.


The facade rises effortlessly from the grounds which were the original hunting grounds of the Molyneux family.

Such effortless serenity would be lost if it wasn’t for the regular conservation and maintenance of the building as a whole – warts and all.


In June 20115 Grosvenor was involved in an extensive maintenance project which includes such utilitarian things as the chimneys.


Utilitarian in nature but the beauty, character and integrity of the building relies upon such things.

Our skilled stone masons – carved out details for the chimneys which brought them back to life.


Grosvenor’s unseen interventions are making sure that the visible parts of this grade II* listed building are enjoyed for centuries to come.