A State of the Art Facility for Stone


If we happened to travel back in time and watch our ancestors at work building the great castles and cathedrals of the United Kingdom – we might see the places that they worked – temporary huts and hovels congregated around the rising walls around them.


The stonemasons shed would be there – perhaps a lean to with a thatch roof – leant against the completed wall of an aisle or nave. Inside the masons at work on large benches chipping away at a profile or a grotesque statue.


Head back to the present into Grosvenor’s stone yard and you’ll witness the same sounds and views as seen way back then. Our skilled operatives – using the same tools – to continue a great tradition using stone as an expression of architecture.


Some things have changed though – and our operatives need clean and safe environments to work with. So we have built a state of the art facility right in our yard next to our extensive stone supplies. It’s a cornucopia of stone – the full gamut of stone services from tooling to fine detail undercutting.


Watching our operatives at work in all their masks and personal protective equipment looks like a scene from the distant future – but their hands and their tools are firmly positioned in re-creating and engaging with the past.

rusholme-2 rusholme-4